Last of Us inspired fan film 'Project Spores'
Credit: Carlos Adama

Crew behind ‘Project Spores’ – an upcoming fantastic fan film inspired by The Last Of Us – has just revealed its first teaser.

Film’s YouTube channel describes Project Spores as “a collaborative project bringing cosplayers and creatives together to produce a series of photoshoots and a fan film based around The Last of Us Series by Naughty Dog.”

15 second long trailer of Project Spores (embed above) mainly focuses on the characters like Ellie and Dina, but we also get to see some locales from The Last of Us 2 along with strings of an acoustic guitar playing in the background. All and all It all looks pretty solid, and definitely captures the overall vibe of The Last of Us. It’ll be interesting to see how it evolves. 

In the video’s description, crew behind the Project Spores says,

“Through both video and photos we will be exploring the different characters and the details of their extraordinary lives outside of what we see in the games.

Whilst we will be releasing a lot of varied content on our socials, we’ll ultimately be releasing a final ‘fan film’.” 

Description of the first teaser on the YouTube has also mentioned the links to the cosplayers involved, where they have uploaded some more photos in the character.

There’s no timeline shared about the fan film or any release date just yet. However, HBO‘s adaptation of The Last Of Us is also about to start filming in July this year.


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