Netflix reportedly testing a new 'N-Plus' service

Streaming giant Netflix is reportedly gathering some feedback about a potential new service called “N-Plus” (Netflix-Plus), which is expected to add a social aspect to the platform. According to a report by Protocol, the recent survey asked users about some new features like “text, image, and video feeds, interviews, analysis, games, how-tos, audience conversations, custom playlists (of music used in TV shows and movies), podcasts and more.” Reportedly these features will allow users to know more about the streaming service’s content and things related to them.

One part of the survey also notes that you might end up getting N-Plus results on Google searches and that the Netflix app may send you notifications about things from the shows you’re interested in.

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Credit: TNW

Speaking to Protocol, a Netflix spokesperson not reveal much about the N-Plus service, but said that the survey was part of the company’s effort to know the opinions of audiences about this. Further Protocol reports that this service could give access to users to “learn about a planned show (pre-production) and influence its development with feedback before filming has finished.”

Now comes the main question, will Netflix put N-Plus behind the paywall. Well in my opinion no, as mentioned above “one part of survey notes that users might end up getting N-Plus results on Google searches”. However, it is still not confirmed that the company is planning to launch N-Plus for real or not, as all info comes from a survey. But in case it does, it will clearly going to be a thing that will differentiate it from other streaming services out there and also will increase your binge-watching by a couple of hours.

Till the time we get an official confirmation on this, make sure to share your thoughts on this “N-Plus” service in the comment section down below.


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