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Eiichiro Oda’s 24 years old One Piece spans over 1000 chapters, 1170 plus characters, over 980 anime episodes, and a tremendously large fan base. This cult phenomenon showed no sign of stagnation and entertained unlimited fans of various age groups with its love for adventure, treasure, danger, fast-paced action, intense story writing, incredible world-building, and flashy character designs. The following list contains some of the most memorable fight scenes from the long-running series ‘One Piece’ which are etched into the memories of viewers.

# Zoro’s toughest test came on the occasion of a sword fight with Mr.1

Roronoa Zoro’s fight against Baroque Works organization’s strongest agent Mr.1 came as a life lesson for Zoro. This was his first real fight, one where he springs from deadlocks but still manages to win. Renowned bounty hunter Mr.1 stipulated Zoro to get stronger throughout the battle. Getting on his untapped flair, Zoro managed to adapt to his power and grow stronger throughout the fight and eventually mastered cutting steel.

This fight is undoubtedly the best swordfight out there in the series. How Daz Bones and Zoro counteract each other personality-wise. They have a lot of similar personal characteristics, which advances in some good dialogue exchange between them. Moreover, it helps reflect Zoro’s new path which is different from before he met Luffy.

# Heartfelt final encounter of Usopp and Monkey D. Luffy in One Piece

The emotions became so palpable as two members of the Straw Hat crew went head on head in the Water 7 arc of One Piece. Usopp was full of feelings of inadequacy after being defeated at the hands of the Franky Family and the decision of letting Going Merry die came to him as the crew’s resolved to abandon him. Thus, as the last resort to save Merry, he challenged Luffy to a duel.

As the moments of time, they spent together flashed before our eyes, Usopp fought well against the man he has been since the East Blue days but Luffy was way too powerful for him. With Usopp couldn’t fight anymore, Straw Hat captain delivered the final blow with a heavy heart.

# Spectacular Luffy vs Lucci

This fight gave us Luffy that was more determined than usual in order to defeat Lucci and free Robin from her dark past. Straw Hat Pirates were not just for themselves but, it was for the sake of Robin. The fight was a pure show altogether from Robin’s wish to finally accept Luffy’s backing to Usopp’s helping hand to a truly evil antagonist to the reason behind the fight. It is one of the best fights of Luffy’s character. Luffy not only liberated Robin from her dark past but he gained a very important crewmate for his journey towards becoming the Pirate King in One Piece.

# Spectacular Luffy vs Katakuri

Battle against Katakuri came as an excellent opportunity for Luffy to improve his Haki to a whole new level and as Katakuri started rejoicing Luffy’s growth, Luffy was able to reach his level and even excel him. Katakuri is a man valued at over a billion berries and Luffy’s two-year time skip deeply lacked his expertise but as the fight continues, we can see a new Luffy emerging with Future Sight Observation Haki.

So this was all about the post where we talked and relived some of the best fight scenes from the very own ‘One Piece’.



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