The Continental is now a Three-Night Limited Series Event

The Continental, previously supposed to be a John Wick spinoff/prequel series about fictional chains of hotels for assassins, has now hired Book of Eli, movie director Albert Hughes and apparently converted into a three-night limited series event that will air on Starz.

As first reported by The Hollywood Reporter, The Continental will now consist of three episodes – 90 minutes in length each – and with a very big budget. Sources close to filmmakers say that this limited event now has over a $20 million budget.

Director Albert Hughes is all set to direct the first and last episode, along with serving as an executive producer across all three episodes. The director for the second episode is not finalized until now. But they are considering hiring a female filmmaker for the second episode, given the all-male creative team on hand.

As said in our previous articles, The Continental plays an important role in the plot of ‘John Wick’. The Continental is a chain of hotels distributed all around the world and is the neutral territory for the members of the criminal world. It’s a story set 40 years before the first John Wick movie and will focus on the life of young Winston who was the owner of a famous hotel for assassins.

About the updates of other John Wicks movies, The Third and Fourth chapters of the movie are already in progress. The potential movie spin-off based on the mysterious ballet troupe in John Wick: Chapter Three-Parabellum, known as Ballerina, is currently in the works.


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